UCSB joins a national coalition focused on driving down the cost and energy used in recycling and remanufacturing materials.
Oct 21 2015
We are extremely grateful to Grand View Research, Inc. for offering us the solvent market size data and agreeing to further work with us on other chemical functional uses. This information is very critical to our Release Module development. With their important contribution, we have one more piece of the information needed to quantify the environmental releases of chemicals from various product applications into different environmental compartments (air, water, and soil). We are really thankful to their great contribution!
Apr 15 2015
Published in Environmental Science & Technology by Kendra L. Garner, Sangwon Suh, Hunter S. Lenihan, and Arturo A. Keller.
Congratulations to Jessica Perkins for earning second place at the 2015 Grad Slam at UC Santa Barbara! Grad Slam is a campus-wide competition for the best three-minute talk by a graduate student. Students present the central points of their project in a clear, direct, and interesting manner for a diverse audience comprised of students, faculty, and community members.
May 07 2015
Published in Energy & Environmental Science by Leila Ghadbeigi, Jaye K. Harada, Bethany R. Lettiere, and Taylor D. Sparks.