Workshop: CA DTSC Alternatives Analysis

Sacramento, CA
2018-08-09 to 2018-08-10

Dr. Sangwon Suh, Dr. Arturo Keller, & PhD Student Mengya Tao

The CLiCC team presented a two-day workshop on Alternatives Analysis, hosted by the DTSC Safer Consumer Products Program of the California Department of Substance Control.

The workshop focused on the application of Life Cycle and Exposure Modeling concepts, including a brief demonstration of the CLiCC Tool's capabilities. It also discussed strategies and tools for addressing data gaps and uncertainties, and contextualized these problems using hands-on exercises. The workshop was capped at 30 in-person participants, and drew over 90 additional participants viewing the workshop online.

The agenda and other course material (listed below) is available at the California DTSC website, under the August 2018 heading.

  • Agenda
  • Course Outline
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction to Safer Consumer Products Alternatives Analysis
  • Overview of Life Cycle Concepts and Tools
  • Overview of Exposure Assessment Concepts and Tools
  • Application of Life Cycle and Exposure Assessment Tools to AA
  • Hands-on Examples Application of Life Cycle Based Tools to Sample Substances
  • Hands-on Examples Application of Exposure Assessment Tools to Sample Substances
  • Advance Topics and Hands-on Example of Uncertainty Analysis
  • Hands-on Excercise on Dermal Exposure Model
  • Hands-on Exercise on Indoor Air Model
  • Hands-on Exercise on LCA and Uncertainty

Image courtesy of Mengya Tao